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Deadstream 35

June 12, I am part of Deadstream 35 through the Kon:strukt takeover. This event features a virtual warehouse with artwork by some cool people. Very much a unique experience for me and I'm looking forward to it, hope to see you all there.

PS my set features a never before heard demo of my upcoming track.

*Click on the image below to go to the page

 NES On Bandcamp

Nashville Electro Service is now on Bandcamp! 

You can buy NES tracks for download to keep forever for a very small price.

Today is also Bandcamp Friday so any sales made 100% go to the artist so go support!

Heart Attack Out NOW!

Heart Attack is now available on all major streaming platforms. Created during the strange pandemic times, this tune was featured during Nashville Electro Service's headline set for Musicport Online 2020.

Now you can listen on your favourite platforms:

Spotify -

Apple -

SoundCloud -


I am thrilled to announce that Nashville Electro Service has been asked to take part in Musicport Online. For obvious reasons the festival cannot go on as usual this year, so instead the organisers have put together a special two day online event. You can catch my live performance on Saturday 24 October (exact time pending) via the musicport here.

Here's what the organisers have to say about the event.

It’s October, so it's Musicport time! There's plenty that could make us feel fed up right now, so here's an escape for a few hours - Musicport Live Online!... and it's free to view.

Thanks to our trusty tech friends at HPSS, from 5pm till midnight on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th October, the Musicport website will be pulsing with music, messages, film, chat and photos.

Imagine yourself sitting in the cafe, at the edge of the Hub, DJs playing their favourites, wafts of sound coming from the main hall, people hurrying towards the theatre or Lighthouse stage to catch a magical moment, and a crowd coming up the stairs from the North Sea stage. Outside Bob is waiting to welcome you onto the Blundabus, and Johnny Baghdad has the halloumi ready and waiting … well we can’t bring you all of that, but you'll get live stream performances and DJ sets, interviews, online chat, contributions from artists unable to be in the studio,some fantastic archive footage memories from past years and even a competition!

Artists performing live include:

Eliza Carthy and Martin Carthy
Paul Armfield
Rikki Thomas-Martinez (Rikki & Dalila)
Cassandre Balbar (Världens Band)
Katie Spencer
Simon Wood

Nashville Electro Service (aka Jack Wilson)

n.b this is obviously subject to change in line with whatever government restrictions are in place on the weekend. Joshua Burnell Band have already had to withdraw due to self-isolation of some of the musicians.

The Virtual Hub -DJs sets
(some with photo archive slide shows some with own visuals)

Drummie Dave (Atkin) • Liz Collier • WOMAN (aka Rose Iredale) • Skank Marvin (aka Gary Ward) • DJ fflyffilyfbybl

Video contributions are expected from:
She'Koyokh, Jasdeep Singh Degun, Monsieur Doumani , Meteor Airlines,
Benjamin Zephaniah, Old Time Rags, Mary Coughlan
Annie Whitehead & Jennifer Maidman, My Darling Clementine,
Sura Susso, Moussu T e Lei Jovents 
Sarah Jane Morris and more

Jim & Sue McLaughlin will be live  in the studio chatting to author and broadcaster Ian Clayton about the 21 years of the festival


So put the time and dates in your diary, stock up with treats, and get ready to  
Musicport Live On-Line 2020!

May 25, 2020

Bigfoot Out Now!

My latest single 'Bigfoot' has finally landed on music streaming services, it has taken far longer than I expected due to everything happening in the world right now but I'm delighted to share it with you all. It is the first track to be accompanied by a music video and it is amazing to see another artists interpretation of my work. I think the video really adds to the track.


I had been playing this track out live before lockdown so it's likely some of you will recognise it and hopefully I will get to play it live as soon as possible. So here are the links to 'Bigfoot' on your favourite music sites.


Spotify -


Apple Music -


Deezer -


Google Music -


Tidal -


Music video -

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Bigfoot Cover 2.jpg

March 25, 2020

Gigs Cancelled!

Unfortunately all future gigs are cancelled due to the current situation with COVID-19.

Make sure to follow my social media as I will be doing some live stream gigs and DJ sets in the coming weeks.


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March 18, 2020

A Little Update

Little update:

I do have a new song on the way but with everything going on the finishing touches are taking a little longer than expected. The song is done on my end but there are things that need doing to get it out to sites like Spotify. The current situation is starting slow things down for everybody and money is getting tight.

I do have one gig still scheduled for April but i'm unsure if it'll still go ahead.

Stay safe, listen to music and wash your hands.


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January 06, 2020

2019 Recap

18 live shows, that's the number I did in 2019. Many of them were with the EMOM group again but I got around the country, places like Birmingham, Norwich & London. I made new friends and witnessed lots of talented people perform their original electronic music. Off the back of my shows for the EMOM group I got contacted by promoters in Sheffield, Manchester & other cities. I've played to rooms with as many as 40 people in them to rooms with just the other bands but each experience has been amazing. One major highlight was playing Headland Festival in Scarborough, a truly wonderful little festival here in North Yorkshire.


I only put out one new track in 2019 due to my increase in live shows and it has faired pretty well with over one thousand streams. I am looking towards more releases in 2020, I already have one track basically ready to put out but I have ideas for a music video to accompany it. I also have the basic structure for a debut album, I'm not sure if it'll happen this year or the next and I have to figure out if I'll have to put it out on my own or if I can get some backing. The current streaming market favours a steady flow of singles or EPs but I'm a bit of an old soul and it is an ambition to put out an album.


There will be more live shows and I have plans to revamp it and make it a more immersive experience. Work has begun on some visuals to accompany my tracks during live shows. This will be a slow process and unless venues already have projections units, it's unlikely that these new visuals will appear at every show. I am waiting to hear back on festivals, it's a clear ambition of mine to get onto the music festival circuit and I've been badgering stage managers and promotors at Glastonbury, Beautiful Days, Bearded Theory and others. Here's hoping I get to play one of these festivals soon.

So 2020 sees Nashville Electro Service evolve, will you be joining in the journey?



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Favourite Record 3000.jpg

May 26, 2019

Headland Festival

Delighted to announce that I'm playing Headland Festival this summer. Get your weekend ticket or day tickets from the following link.

Ticket link ➡️

You can see my live show on the Sunday of the festival.

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May 12, 2019

Here We Go Again (Late Night Mix)

My friends Lux City asked me to remix their wonderful song and I did.

If you'd like me to remix your song

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April 04, 2019

Favourite Record

It's here, your new favourite record!

Favourite Record was the first demo I put out on SoundCloud back in 2015. Remade for 2019, a heavy lead bass line is backed up by a scattershot of lasers and breakbeats. It's truly frenetic. 

"Favourite Record" is now available on all major music streaming services!

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Favourite Record 3000.jpg

April 01, 2019

April Mini Tour

Nashville Electro Service is going on something of a mini tour during April.

To support the release of new single "Favourite Record" I will be playing across the country.

Can't wait to see you!

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December 29, 2018

2018 - The year of impromptu gigs

2018 has been a busy year for me. Back in February I released my first stand alone single, “Barbara” which has proved to be my biggest success to date, as many of you seem to have listened to it.


I have always planned to take my tracks out live but it’s been difficult to get gigs. Whenever the world “electronic” is mentioned to event planners in my local area, I’ve been met with laughter (genuinely happened) or something like and “oh” or a “ah”.

May rolled around and I was going to Bearded Theory Festival on the bank holiday. It’s a great festival that has its own ofsted approved school (meaning you can legally take you kids out of school to a festival, brilliant!) and just has that general vibe that makes music festivals very special.

I got a call on the day I was traveling down, I was told I could play a slot in the Something Else Tea Tent, as they had open slots. The only problem I faced was the fact that I hadn’t looked at my live set since October of the previous year and back then I knew I needed to reprogram much of my live set.


But opportunities had been so sparse that I decided to load my equipment up in the car and give it a go. Unfortunately my car broke down, this made me late and by the time I got to Bearded Theory Festival, I’d missed my slot!


Fortunately, the lovely lady that runs the tent said I could play on Friday as there was still some spots available.


So here it was, the biggest crowd I’d ever played to, at a festival that I think is ace! The guy before me ran over by a fair bit but that was fine as it gave me more time to set up (Electronic musicians will appreciate how long it can take to hook everything up) and I was starting to get that pre gig buzz!


I moved my equipment onto the stage with the sound engineer, told him to give me five minutes to hook up all my midi leads and such. He was very good, happy for me to do this and he even put Orbital on the PA to set the mood. We did a mini sound check and here’s where my first problem occurred! My drum machine wasn’t playing out to the PA. Five more minutes were spent trying to fix this but it was no good. I’d later realise that I’d brought the wrong lead, such a simple thing but this helped me to make improvements to how I pack my equipment to make things easier to find for later gigs.


I decided that I would scrap the drum machine, meaning one track would have no drums, not ideal but I was losing time now. So I started my set, I like to start with an introduction song, usually something a bit shoe gazey or psychedelic. I often use Brian Jonestown Massacre’s “Fire Song” which takes a minute to get through to a loop where I then start messing around and triggering samples.


The drum machine not working had really thrown me and I preceded to make a right mess of things. I accidentally triggered a whole bunch of samples that I didn’t need, so the very start of my set sounded like Satan’s favourite tune.


I quickly got rid of the samples that I didn’t need, frantically pushing buttons and dropping faders until it sounded normal. From here on the set worked out okay and I actually had a bit of fun.

It was amazing to see the tent filling up as I was playing my own tracks, I had a little moment and thought “that’s your music that is dragging people in here”, when I finished, a guy came up to tell me how much he’d enjoyed it. Such a great feeling and now I definitely wanted to do it again and this time without any screw ups!


I released my second single of 2018 around October time. “All Messed Up” took a few months to complete, meaning I hadn’t really looked at my live set since Bearded Theory. At the back end of the summer I had caught word of a movement for electronic musicians. I was complaining to a fellow electronic act about the lack of gigs I was getting and the general lack of understanding as to what it is that I do “live” and they told me about EMOM.


EMOM is Electronic Music Open Mic. What a fantastic idea, an open mic where acoustic guitars are not allowed (unless they are used to create drone noises) and a place to talk to like minded musicians.


I got into the group on facebook and saw there was one of their events coming up in York. They do them all over the country and it has since gone global with a night in Sydney planned and European nights planned for 2019. Personally I think it will lead to a festival style event some way down the road.


In the meantime I had started revamping my live set in Ableton. I wanted to avoid any mishaps like at Bearded (never going to totally avoid them) and I wanted to implement my new track in there too.


A few weeks after the release of “All Messed Up” I was at Musicport festival for my Compere duties. I have done this for the last 4 years, it’s such good fun and a great way to meet and talk to others in the music industry. With it being a world music festival, everybody has a different story to tell.


They run an open mic at the festival every year, I hadn’t planned to play this time (I had the year before) but the guy who runs the open mic asked me to, so I went and got my stuff. I thought it could be a good practise of my new live set.


It was really handy that I did it in the end, it made me realise a few things that needed tweaking and would put me in a good position for the upcoming open mic in York for EMOM.


Fast forward to November, I’m walking into the Fulford Arms in York with my Bass Station 2, laptop, midi controllers and desk, not knowing anybody in there, not knowing who to talk to or when I’m playing. Eventually I find out I’m on at 8:15pm. I play what I consider to be my best three tracks, my live set is programmed in a way that I can mix between tracks, gives it a continuous flow. You only get fifteen minutes at these EMOM shows, which is done to get more people on but fifteen minutes is absolutely no time at all, especially considering most of my tracks run five minutes long.


This was the first time I’d played to a room that was complete strangers. I had no friends or family here, nobody to tell me it was good and yet people did. Random people that I hadn’t even said one word to were telling me how much they had enjoyed it.


The creator of EMOM spoke with me, told me of some other nights coming up and was very complimentary about my set. I was overwhelmed by the positive feedback and couldn’t believe how massive my tunes sounded in that room (big up the sound guy!)


I decided for the next EMOM, which was a few weeks later in Leeds and being broadcast on the radio, that I would throw in a different track. The end goal is to have a string of all my songs that I can play, manipulate and mix. So it wouldn’t harm to add another track in and it’s one that I plan to release in 2019.


When I arrived to Chapel FM, where EMOM Leeds was being held, the fire alarm had been set off and we had to wait outside for about 30 minutes. Interesting start to the night.


I was on at 8:15pm again, I got everything hooked up as the act before me played, which is the way EMOM works. You tend to feel bad setting up next to someone who is playing but it helps to make the night run smooth and get more people on.


I played through my first two tracks, everything was going great, I was messing around with the mod envelope on my bass station 2, getting it to squeak and squeal. I’d only played ten minutes when the compere for the night came walking down with his mic. I thought I had five minutes left but they were wanting to do interviews too! I was told I had two minutes left so I had to blast through and cut short that new track I had worked hard to fit into the set. Oh well…


Everything went great and I had such fun again, I even got to stay around longer than I did at the York one to catch all the other acts.


When I got home, I saw the footage. Chapel FM had broadcast the show and livestreamed it to Facebook. They had three cameras in the room and were doing live editing. It looked amazing, with all the lights on the go, made me look like a total superstar!


They kindly allowed me to use the footage on my YouTube channel, so you can go watch it anytime!


I thought that was it for 2018, I started working on another track that I plan to release as part of my debut album, if that ever come to fruition. I started playing the waiting game on possible 2019 live shows when all of a sudden another opportunity came up.


Musicport did a last minute announcement that they were hosting an open mic for the Whitby Winterfest. I got in touch and got myself on the bill, I would be able to test out a longer set this time too. My big worry was the fact this was part of Winterfest. Most of the other musicians would be playing Christmas songs and I was about to rock up with some electronica about the aftermath of a nuclear war.


To my surprise, absolutely nobody walked off. I had fully prepared myself for a mass exodus, it was a slightly older audience, one that I thought would be appalled by the noises I was making. They stuck with it and most of the stall owners were really getting into it, I almost created a party atmosphere.


So that rounded off 2018, It’s been a great year for Nashville Electro Service. I’ve had over 8,000 overall streams across all the music streaming services, which is bonkers!

My end of year Spotify stats tell me I have listeners in 12 countries and people have listened to my music double the amount of time than in 2017. My Facebook like count is nearly at 250 and we’re about to break 100 follows on Instagram!


So, here’s to more releases, live shows and growth in 2019!

I hope you stick around for the journey.



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October 18, 2018

"All Messed Up" Review by Vegan Recordings

Head over to Vegan Recordings to read their glowing review of my latest single "All Messed Up".

"it’s not only one of the most captivating bursts of electronica all year, it’s also one of the biggest earworms."

Click the link button to read the full review.

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October 07, 2018

All Messed Up - Oct 5 2018

My new single 'All Messed Up' is out now! 

The new single featured on BBC Music Introducing Tees & BBC Music Introducing York & North Yorkshire this past weekend too. 

You can stream or download from any of your favourite music services!

Click a link below to go listen now!

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June 05, 2018

Bearded Theory 2018

This past May bank holiday weekend, Nashville Electro Service played the Something Else Tea Tent at Bearded Theory festival.

The 40 minute set on Friday, May 25 saw the first live outing of 2018 for Nashville Electro Service. Over the course of the set the tent filled up, making this the largest crowd NES has played for to date.

Hopefully more shows like this are on the way.

Thanks to Gail from Something Else Tea Tent for inviting me to play.

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April 30, 2018

First gig of 2018

Nashville Electro Service will be opening Musicport on the Moors on Thursday May 3 as part of the festival's 'Open house at the Hut' event. 

As part of the official festival kick off, NES will be play a special version of the 'Just Press Play' mix.

Other acts include; David Neil Crabtree and Doomfolk.

The event is free entry at Goathland Community Hub & Sports pavillion (aka The Hut) with a start time of 7:30pm. 

This is Nashville Electro Services' first gig of 2018!

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March 05, 2018

Bodak Yellow Remix

I was challenged to remix 'Bodak Yellow' into my own style.

So here is the Nashville Electro Service remix of Card B 'Bodak Yellow'.

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February 19, 2018

Point Blank Teesside Interview

Nashville Electro Service features in edition 8 of Point Blank Teesside. 

This past month, Jack had a chat with Steve Blank, editor of the local zine.They discussed his recent single and EP as well as what the future holds.

You can read the interview by clicking the link below

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November 25, 2017

BBC Tees interview

Jack made his radio debut by joining BBC Tees Music Introducing DJ, Bob Fischer, live in the studio.

On an electronica special edition of the show, other guests were Usal Foundation and Dunjin. Each guest detailed their creative process behind their music.

Click the link below to catch up on the Nashville Electro Service portion of the show

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